the little things

Have been making me crazy lately. 

I just finished my APUSH Essay test and my APPAL Quote test, and let’s just say that I’m so glad both of those things are over. Now all that is concerning me is my APPAL rough draft essay due Thursday. My relatives from Newfoundland, Canada have been in town for the last week and it’s been a blast but it has been keeping me unfocused on school. They leave tomorrow and I’m really sad because we only visit each other once every maybe three years. Last night we had my Dad’s side of the family over for our own Canadian dinner which was nice to be able to see my cousins, aunts, and uncles. 

As for my journalism life.. on Friday some newspaper staff and I went down to the University of Illinois (College of Media) for a JEA convention. Depending on what sessions you choose and if you learn things, the sessions can be a lot of fun and inspire me to do better journalistically. The only thing this convention reinforced in me was that I really want to go to U of I for college to major in journalism and be a member of the Daily Illini. 

We woke up at 4:30 a.m. to head down to Urbana which was way too early for me. Then of course on the way back home I got into a big fight with Victor because we were supposed to talk Friday night and then he changed all the plans on me. Not that it was a big deal that we couldn’t talk, but it’s the fact of looking forward to something all week long and then it never happening. It was the fact that then he wanted to talk on Saturday night when he knew I had a party to go to with some juniors that I had planning on attending way in advance. So Friday night we yelled and screamed and fought. Then Saturday morning we yelled and screaming and fought. And eventually you just get too tired of fighting and everything somehow gets better again. 

We will see each other Oct. 1 (our one year anniversary of meeting) because we are going to Homecoming together. Then I’ll see him Oct. 8, 9, and 10 for his fall break. And then I’m incredibly excited to go back to Bradley on Nov. 12 for our one year anniversary of dating. I don’t know why I’m the most excited for Nov. 12 because it’s the furtherest away, but I like going up there. I like the long three hour drive because it gives me time to think (and sing obnoxiously with my iPod..) I like walking around the campus last time and checking out what his life is like down there. 

Now I’m impatiently checking my grades online to see if any of my teachers have added in the tests…. I have the first meeting for final deadline (for color pages) today and tomorrow for the black and white pages tomorrow. Spokesman issue one comes out Sept. 23. We are moving along, but things just are not the same.